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Welcome to Nutriology.com, your portal to some of the newest chemical and biochemical digestive research on the internet.

We've been in the business of research since the early 1990's and continue to persevere. Some of the team are medical doctors, while other members are more into the laboratory science side of things. This blend of teamwork yields a broad perspective of what really happens to the food, foodstuffs, nutrients and supplements you eat.

Its' History

Nearly a century ago, the term Nutriology was coined and in general, meant "Food, its assimilation in the body, and its uses in therapy and rehabilitation.

This was an important milestone during the time. The repertoire of available drugs (medicines) was not near what we have today, and medicine itself certainly wasn't as developed as it now is. Therefore, the doctor or practicioner of that period had to rely on every tool or discipline available to him or her, and nutriology was one of them.

Using 'foodstuffs' and other derived substances from nature for helping patients and those who just didn't feel as good as they used to was an art. The practitioner of the day was competent in foods, plants and other substances and at times even mixed their skills with the apothecary guides for very effective therapeutic purposes. The combination of these skills is something not often seen today.

Through the decades, medicine progressed... And more drugs were developed. I believe this was a blessing, because when used wisely, the correct drug can be very helpful when needed. However, society would become more reliant on these medicines of the time. Perhaps this was because they were more convenient to take. It's easier to take a pill rather than take a series of other steps to achieve the same goal. But sometimes the longer road achieves much more in terms of learning about yourself as well as resolving the problem that a pill can sometimes only mask.

Nutriology today

I believe what's changed over time is the way we use what we know. 'The market' has made it easier to obtain quick fixes, and that includes the medical market. Don't get me wrong, there haeve been many great achievements in the field of medicine, being a medical doctor myself, I'll be the first to tip my hat.

But there's also 'volumes' of biochemical strategies we can use to change our metabolism, overall bodily function, and even anatomy ! And I'm going to show you how it's done.

Having a knowledge of what we put into our body and what it can do is fascinating:

  • Plummeting your cholesterol levels to within a 24 hour period. Even knocking 20 points off of your cholesterol value within an hour.
  • Immune Modulation for daunting allergies, hypersensitivities, viral infections and more.
  • Altering Blood Pressures to plus-minus 30 percent levels within an hour.
  • Causing blood vessel dilation and contraction in combating Migraines and Headaches.
    are some of the amazing chemical 'tricks' we have researched and developed.

    We think you will enjoy Nutriology.com. We will be continually updating over the coming monthsso drop in now and then...

    What else you will find here...

    Search our archives and other folders to find a selected mixture of medical science, biochemistry, physiology, nutrition and other subjects to give you insight into today's exciting developments.

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