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In case you do not know, a cookie is simply a bit of information stored in your browswer, so that each time you visit a website, or a different page in that particular website, that information 'communicaties' with the website you are visiting.

This is actually a helpful thing. For example, when you log in to retrieve your email, imagine if each time you wanted to read another one of your emails in your email list, that your computer would prompt you to login in again and again? This would be very annoying to most. And imagine if you were on a recipe website and each time you merely clicked on a link to visit another page of that website, that you were prevented from doing so and asked to log in again and again? This is where cookies come in. They save information that you already logged in, so that web-browsing is both faster and more convenient.

So, cookies aren't such a bad thing after all.

3. Third Party Ads and Associations

Occasionally, we may include Third Party links on our websites, either for your information, or for advertisement purposes. Keep in mind that if 'click' on these links you are redirected that another website. If they store cookies on your website, we will not know, and you must read their terms and conditions in relation to cookes in order to understand whether they do or not.

For your information, with the new legislation in effect in regards to cookies any website which is engineered to store cookies on your computer (if you visit it), is supposed to give you a warning before entering their website. Be aware that even though legislation exists, and varies country to country, and some websites may not warn you. We hope this information helps you in regards to cookies on any website that you visit.

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