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1. 'We,' Us,' and 'our(s)' means 'Nutriology,' 'TeLLeScope,' 'Papermill Press,' and any other of our associated websites, literature and other publications.

2. Use of Data

If you would like to use our data for your own research, publications, educations, or resale, we ask that you contact us for written permission beforehand. We usually respond reasonably quickly.

Keep in mind that much of the data that you read on ur specialist sections is our own data based on our own research. Therefore, we take particular care to ensure that the data is used in a manner that will be of a benefit to others and in no way harmful. In our discussing permissions of data usage, we may also offer guidance on usage that may be of benefit to you or your users.

By using our data, or any other data on our websites, publications, or communications, you agree not to place any liabilities on us.

4. Third Party Ads and Associations

We pride ouurselves on presenting primarily our own research data. If, however, there are any adverts associated with our websites, publications and communications, we take no responsibility for the actions, errors, or information presented, or represented by any Third Party.

If you have any questions feel free to
Email us.

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