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We like to keep things simple for you. We are a 'pure science and research' group. We deliver data to you, much of which is previously unpublished because we've researched it and publish our own research. Therefore, you don't have to be concerned with 'malicious code', viruses, and things you have concerns with using other websites. Our databases and pages you view are secure and designed purely for your enjoyment. Although we say this, we still place the basic privacy terms below, as these days, it is suitable in a world of legalities.

1. General

'We,' Us,' and 'our(s)' means 'Nutriology,' 'TeLLeScope,' 'Papermill Press,' and any other of our associated websites, literature and other publications and our servers and other computers and storage devices. 'You,' 'anyone,' or 'anybody,' means the user or of our services, websites, publications, literature, or communications.

2. Data Usage

We care about both yours and our data. A majority of data usage is simply security, and this means, when you register on any of our websites, you create a 'username' (whether genuine or not) and a pssword. Computers will store this information as it is necessary for you to log on each time you use some of our websites or services. We may occasionally include links to Third Party websites, for either your information, or for advertising. We accept no liability for any misuse of your data. Keep in mind, we do not share your data with any Third Party. If you click on a link and register with any other website we accept no liability for this.

We also may store email addresses, names and addresses in particular if you order prodcuts or services, or use some of our websites. This again, is for purposes of being able to deliver your products and for purposes of refunds and other functions. We do NOT sell your data and there is no checkbox that you need to 'tick' in order to opt-out.

3. Data Protection

We formed a Data Protection policy which we feel exceeds that of most existing policy: We do not store your data in any of our premises either digitally, or on paper.

4. Third Party Ads and Associations

Occasionally, we may include Third Party links on our websites, either for your information, or for advertisement purposes. However, we do not sell your personal data to Third Parties.

5. Data Removal

If for any reason you would like to have your data removed from our system(s), such as email address, etc., simply contact us and we will comply with your request.

If you have any questions feel free to
Email us.

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