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carbohydrates & related substances
Abequose Aldose Fructose Sorbitol Galactose
Ribose Sucrose Maltose Lactose Levulose
Xylose Glucose Xylitol Xylans Sugar
Starch Glycosaminoglycans Amylose Lignins Gums
Ketose Fructopyranose Pentose Arabinose Disaccharide
Amylopectin Amylodextrin Dextrin Glucan Limit dextrin
Cellulose Pectins Chitin Monosaccharides Dextran
Fibre Glycogen Glycerol Mucopolysaccharides Ribulose
Mucoproteins Oligosaccharides Lipopolysaccharides Polysaccharides Hexose
Glycerin Erythrose Glyceraldehyde Acetylglucosamine Aldotetrose
Sedoheptulose Neuraminic Acid Glucosamine Proteoglycans Aldotriose
Xylulose Glycoproteins Triose Sialic acid Mannose
Erythrodextrin Achroodextrin Heptose Mannosamine Glycolipids
Mannan Mannitol Manna Glycerite Ribitol
Mannan Teichoic acid Polydextrose

Carbohydrate Types and Functions

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Carbs - Sleep and Energy Levels

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